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Planning your budget for your wedding cake- With Tracey Allen

A beautiful wedding cake is one among the many ‘wow’ moments on you special day in Goa, it is anticipated by everybody at the reception to look like it is the most amazing thing they have ever seen. If you plan right you can work wonders with the budget you allocate for the cake but on the other hand if not done right, your cake may lack the punch it requires to woo you and your guests. It’s not only the price tag that determines how good or bad a cake might taste or look, there is more to it and here it is. We spoke with Tracey Allen from WW Events from Goa on how she would guide her clients on choosing out the right cake from all the years of experience as a Wedding Planner that has successfully been organizing destination weddings for over a decade.

Fondant or Buttercream finishing?

Fondant does wonders in getting the cake to taste it’s best but at the same time it will get your cost to rise as well, which is one of the main reasons brides wait to decide on this aspect after they discuss the detailing of the work on the cake. If you one among those brides that adore flawless and fine sculpted designs a fondant cake is what you should be going for. “I recommended buttercream finish when I plan a wedding” says Tracey.  Butter cream is added first to the cake which is then finished with fondant giving it that intricate and smooth finish.  There is no hard and fast rule that you must choose one over the other, in fact majority of brides that we have served opt for a buttercream finish. At the same time, if planned well, you can use dashes of fondant elements wherever required and still get that sculpted look at a fraction of the price. Overall, the cost of fondant will increase the cake’s cost by 50 cents more per serving as a bare minimum.

The Number Of Guests

The size of the order will vary according to the number of guests at the reception and ceremony venues. Often the top tier is kept by the bridal couple and the rest is served out to the guests, if you plan to do so, you will have to inform your cake artist to adjust the order size. “We first get the proper head count of all the guests” says Tracey, and says that in all her years in the business, this count does not get confirmed very easily. You can also opt for sheet cakes as serving pieces to reduce the number of tiers count. Also keep in mind that many bakeries offer discounts for large cake orders which you can discuss and avail with the cake artist you decide on.

The type of fillings you choose

Cake artist charge a premium of you are looking for a custom made filling of your choice. They also have a variety of fillings you can choose few of which are standard others premium. A few popular fillings are White Velvet (with vanilla buttercream), Vanilla Chocolate (white velvet with chocolate buttercream), Double Chocolate cream (with chocolate butter cream), Luscious Lemon ( light lemon cake filled with vanilla buttercream) and Strawberry Velvet ( with rich strawberry buttern cream). With premium fillings there is red Velvet( red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream) and Cookie and Cream (filled with Oreo cookie crumb vanilla butter cream with a white velvet cake) to name a few. “If you are a foodie, this is the fun part” says Tracey, as for a few moments you get to be a child all over again she says.

Design Detailing

“Planning so many weddings over the years I have seen brides go overboard in wanting the perfect cake” say Tracy says .You can take detailing to the next level when it comes to intricacy in your designs, however this would mean that the baker would make to spend a lot of time in perfecting your designs that adds to the cost of the cake. It is this design work that makes the difference in a cake costing more and the additions to your final costs. “You do want the design to get highly skillful” says Tracey, which would jump up costs the moment you keep adding to it.

Delivery and set-up charges

It is always recommended to get the cake delivery done by professionals that make  it for which you will have to factor cost of transportation. Discuss with the artist how they plan to set it up, whether cake stands need to be hired or you would require a heighted table to accommodate it. You will also have to factor in cost for cutting the cake as well. “This is usually taken care of by your wedding planner or the caterer but nevertheless you will have to budget” says Tracey.

Tracey has been a successful wedding planner that specializes in Goan weddings in Mumbai for over sten years now. She specializes in planning events & holidays to Goa, India and has successfully covered over 45 weddings at outstation locations. Based out of Mumbai she successfully planned over 125 celebrations covering different themes and styles.