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Planning your budget for your wedding cake- With Tracey Allen

A beautiful wedding cake is one among the many ‘wow’ moments on you special day in Goa, it is anticipated by everybody at the reception to look like it is the most amazing thing they have ever seen. If you plan right you can work wonders with the budget you allocate for the cake but on the other hand if not done right, your cake may lack the punch it requires to woo you and your guests. It’s not only the price tag that determines how good or bad a cake might taste or look, there is more to it and here it is. We spoke with Tracey Allen from WW Events from Goa on how she would guide her clients on choosing out the right cake from all the years of experience as a Wedding Planner that has successfully been organizing destination weddings for over a decade.

Fondant or Buttercream finishing?
Fondant does wonders in getting the cake to taste it’s best but at the same time it will get your cost to rise as well, which is one of the main reasons brides wait to decide on this aspect after they dis…